First rule of thumb is to choose one: eyes, lips, cheeks.  In order not to overdo it or look like a clown, pick one feature to accentuate, while keeping the others neutral.

Pucker up with something vibrant.  Lips are one the easiest ways to wear a bright color.  Choose a hot pink, vivid red, summery orange or coral that works for your skin tone.  Stay away from, yellows/golds, blues, greens, purples.  Save those for the eyes!

If you love eye shadow don’t hesitate to wear an electric blue, emerald green, lemony yellow and intense purple. Apply from the lash-line and fade out toward the brow. Top it all off with a couple of coats of black mascara.  Want to be subtle?  Keep a natural eye and either add cobalt blue or purple mascara, or any color liner of your choice


With a loud pink, red or orange blush can add a dramatic effect to your look and can be expressive and flattering if worn correctly.  Have a light hand, start at the ear and brush toward the apple of the cheek. This is great for a night out.


Nails?  Go for it!  Any color your little heart desires!

For more tips check out the July issue of PLUS Model Magazine.