Passion, Drive, and Intuitiveness – Susan Georget is Back!

Susan Georget is Back!

She’s helped develop some of the plus size industry’s most famous names such as Kate Dillon, Emme and Natalie Laughlin; and now she’s back to develop a new crop of girls who will hit the ground running.

Susan Georget is a plus size industry legend, living in her own time.

Having started the plus size division at Wilhelmina and developing the careers of high profile plus-size models, she has earned the reputation and adoration of the entire industry. Today she speaks to us about starting all over and what she has planned for the future.

Maddy: Tell me a little about yourself and your background with the plus size industry?

Susan: I was an acting major in college; I started my career by selling Encyclopedia door to door in Florida. I then came to NY to waitress and try to follow my acting career and I was asking myself one day “Why am I here when I can do this anywhere?” One of my co-workers suggested I go to her agency; they were looking for a booker. I did not know what that was, but listened to her and applied and they hired me but not as a booker. I was a receptionist and within two weeks I had the booker’s position at Plus Models which no longer exists. During this time I worked with Emme, and some other beautiful talent back in the 80’s but I wanted more, and I wanted the girls to want more.

I spoke to the owner of Wilhelmina and he was very interested in having me so I opened up Wilhelmina 10/20 in the early ’90s. I began with just a phone call and brought in some new models and rebuilt the client list. I worked with models Kate Dillon and Natalie Laughlin and so many others like Marquita Pring who got her start with us.

After being there some time, I left two years ago, took a break and decided to come work with Kathy Garrity, President at Images NYC who I have known for almost 20 years. I love it here and the time was right to open the doors to the plus size division.

Maddy: You named the division, Figure 8. Is there a specific reason?

Susan: The name of the division just came to me as I was thinking of the figures of the women I’m working with. They are round, curvy, and beautiful so it has nothing to do with the sizing but more about what it represents to me.

Maddy: What size are your models?

Susan: I have models that range from size 8 to 18. The market is booking girls in these sizes.

Maddy: You and I have spoken about the plus size industry and how it has changed. Could you tell us about why you decided to include sizes 16 and 18 on your board, and how you see the market changing?

Susan: Well I’m looking for beauty, grace and proportion in a model. I’m looking for all those things you think a model should have, and those ladies happen to come in sizes 8 to 18 and of course below and above that but in my experience clients book within those sizes and not ONLY but they will try different sizes and looks. They are looking to find out what their market is and which size is going to sell the most clothes. As long as the consumer stays active by writing and calling and buying their clothes the client will stick to the model who is selling the clothes. As an agent, you have to be ready to accommodate.

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