We can hardly wait for the debut of TLC’s new show, Big Sexy!

Five plus size women following their dreams in the Big Apple, I’m sure it’s going to be very entertaining.  PMM and City Chic worked with some of the ladies on the show and we are so happy to have been able to share in their journey.

Below are some Fashion Tips, just in time for Fashion’s Night Out and Fashion Week!

  1. Do not avoid tailored, woven fabrics: A lot of plus-size women avoid woven fabric because it has little to no stretch; however, clothing like pencil skirts and tailored jackets make plus-size women look amazing. The tailored look can make you look thinner, more toned and professional. With the sharper lines and better structure, people will take you more seriously. Knitted clothing (which has a lot of stretch) tends to look a bit too casual for most settings. – Audrey Curry, makeup artist and aspiring fashion designer
  2. Shoulder pads look awesome on curvy women: Many women generally stay away from shoulder pads, but plus-size women with larger hips should embrace the strong shoulder look. Naturally, a woman’s shoulders should be a little wider than their hips. Shoulder pads, which come in all shapes and sizes, can make a large woman look more proportional and thinner. It’s best to experiment! Shoulder pads can be easily added to existing clothing, such as a blazer or a shirt dress. – Audrey Curry, makeup artist and aspiring fashion designer
  3. Deodorant and baby oil are your friends: If you want to avoid the crazy chub-rub between your legs, roll on deodorant or dab baby oil on your inner thighs. You’ll no longer have to wear biker shorts under your dresses! Keep travel sizes in your purse. It does tend to wear off throughout the day. – Tiffany Bank, plus-size model
  4. Only wear what makes you happy: If you feel happy, you look happy. Want to wear hot pink lipstick or patent red leather heels? Go for it. Fashion is all about you and how you want to express yourself. I enjoy wearing crazy nail polish because I love colors and colors make me feel good! – Tiffany Bank, plus-size model
  5. Do not try to hide your body under big, shapeless clothing: This approach never works. Even with all the material, we still know that you are plus-size. Now you just look frumpy! Instead, wear clothes that define the best parts of your body. Defining your waist with a belt, for example, can accentuate your curves. – Leslie Medlik, fashion stylist
  6. Do not follow traditional plus-size fashion rules: A lot of plus-size fashion tips are outdated. Liberate yourself. Follow a few trends that you like and will keep your look current. If you like stripes, go for it. You can wear anything with confidence. Confidence is the key to having great style! – Leslie Medlik, fashion stylist
  7. Do not be afraid of stores that don’t typically sell plus sizes: A lot of plus-size women shy away from mainstream stores, in fear that they will not carry clothes in their size. How do you know unless you go in and try? I am a huge fan of Anthrolopologie and can easily pull off a large dress made out of knit or jersey. I can also fit into their XL and L tops. Fit is more important than what the size says. Try everything on before you make the purchase. – Nikki Gomez, plus-size model
  8. …but remember to support plus-size designers!: Most plus-size lines are created by plus-size women for plus-size women. These designers understand the issues we have with clothing, and they know that we want to look our best at any size. You have to dress the body you have now. If you embrace your curves and feel good about yourself, you will work even harder to achieve your personal body goals (or just realize how beautiful and sexy you already are!).  Plus-size designer brand clothing is not only made for your body, but it also tends to be made better and last longer. – Nikki Gomez, plus-size model
  9. The right undergarments are essential: Underwear are essential to dressing and significantly affect the overall look. It is extremely important to have on a great-fitting bra and beautiful panties. What is worn underneath will play a huge difference in the way you feel on the outside.  – Heather Roach, wardrobe stylist and bra/bikini designer
  10. Wear your clothes and do not let them wear you: Stand up tall and put your shoulders back. Good posture and confidence is everything. Be proud of who you are and respect yourself. Love your voluptuous curves and know your best features. – Heather Roach, wardrobe stylist and bra/bikini designer