Plus Size Modeling Submissions

Plus Size Modeling Submissions

We receive countless submissions a year and while I will admit they have been better this year, there are still many things that aspiring models are doing that are not helping their opportunity to wow a potential client.

Today I decided to make a list of some of the simple things you can do to ensure your submission is well received.

If there is anything that you don’t understand, please ask, there are no dumb questions. This post is for those that are serious about entering the plus size industry which is mostly catalog and commercial based.

1) Keep your email simple but detailed

Do not send your social security or cell phone number. Your email should be spell checked and should be written in a simple font that is readable. Use your birth name, do not include the name your mother, grandmother or friends refer you to (example: Melanie “the booty” Jones). This will get you a very quick DELETE!

Below is an example of an entry we received that was simple and to the point.

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is _____________, and I’m an aspiring model based out of ____________. I would like the opportunity to work with you in the near future.

I’m sending you two pictures and a link to my pictures for you to peruse.

Height: __


Link: ______________

Thank you for your time,

first and last name

2) Pictures

The pictures you send in should not be blurry, dark, include pets, gang signs or other people, nude or overly sexual. You should be wearing something simple so we can see your beautiful shape but not be distracted by the puffy sleeves, or endless amounts of chains around your neck. Do not send in pictures of yourself wearing a wedding gown or shapeless dress because we can’t see your body. Your clothing should be colorful and not black.

If you are submitting a snapshot, something that you wear every day will work. A t-shirt and jeans and a great smile go a long way.

Below are some examples of what you should wear when submitting:

Photo courtesy of
Model Stacey Hiett

Photos courtesy of

3) Do you know what a headshot and a full body shot are?

A head shot is close up shot of your face. Do not send any with theater makeup, jewels, hair or anything else on your face. The purpose of a headshot is to “see” your face.  A full body shot should show you from the top of your head and include your feet.

Photo Courtesy of
Model Shannon Hiett

Photo Courtesy of
Model Nakeesha Witherspoon

4) Your makeup and hair in the pictures should not be over the top.

Very simple makeup will allow us to see what you really look like. Your hair should not be overly styled or in a color that people are not usually born with. Meaning, if your hair is “Ronald McDonald Red”, then this is not the industry for you.

5) Tattoos and piercings.

Every now and then you will see Kate Dillon’s little tattoo on the small of her back or Nicole Lebris finger ring Tattoo but for the most part they are very small, so clients don’t say too much about it because it’s an easy 4 minute brush tool in photoshop if they decide to take it out of the picture. For those of you that have large tattoos on your chest, leg, arms and neck, I’m not saying that you will not get any work, but I will tell you (from experience – I have a large tattoo on my chest) that this will hinder you from certain jobs.  Piercings should not be visible in the pictures you submit, if you can’t take the chin, lip or nose ring out for a shoot – then this is not the industry for you.

This is all pretty basic stuff, but something that I felt I should go over again for those new aspiring models that are just entering the industry.

The best advice I have is, do your research. Know the market that you fit into (fit, showroom, parts, commercial), this is key when taking pictures and looking for representation.