New York, NY – When SK Wilbur launched his plus size collection last year for Spring 2011 titled THE SUPERWOMAN, he took curvy fashionistas on a journey to exotic locales around the globe like Indonesia, Africa, and South America.  “It was my version of Eat, Pray, Love” the designer admits.  “Elizabeth Gilbert, the bestselling book’s author, just left out the juicy parts where her heroine shops for fabulous fashion pieces in each country,” Wilbur Pack, Jr., the line’s founder and designer says only half jokingly.


When Pack unveils his latest effort on September 13, 2011 during NY Fashion Week, it will look a little more sophisticated and subdued.  There was a period after his plus size fashions debuted where Pack questioned his commitment to a career in fashion.  “Although curvy women were sending me notes professing their love for my aesthetic and asking where they could purchase my wares, retailers did not embrace me,” notes Pack.  So the designer took a much needed six month hiatus from the fashion industry to refresh and regroup.  His new collection called OUT OF THE DARK is a reflection of his mood during that period. The pieces are rendered in colors like onyx, graphite, dove, snow, and tomato.  OUT OF THE DARK is a testimony to Pack’s perseverance as an independent fashion designer.  “Into each life a little rain must fall,” the designer says quoting Longfellow.


Pack is currently enjoying an epoch of fashion relevance.  Lonette McKee, the veteran actress/entertainer, perhaps best known for her work in movies and television miniseries like Sparkle & The Women of Brewster Place, commissioned Pack to create a design for her return to the stage this past April at the famed Algonquin Hotel.  He was also the featured designer profiled in the August 8/15, 2011 issue of Jet magazine which has led to a flood of interest from curvy women all over the country.


Pack is the exclusive plus size designer for the tenth anniversary of 7 On Seventh (  The show will take place at Pearl Studios located in the heart of New York City’s garment district.