Our very dear friend and plus size comedienne Erica Watson is the latest victim of size-ism. TV One’s new show Love That Girl, took actress Tatyana Ali’s head and placed it on Erica Watson’s body as a BEFORE picture. Erica’s picture was used by TV One without her permission for this show, and there has been no apology to Erica at the time of this post.

The use of the picture was brought to Erica’s attention by her fans who phoned and emailed her. The amount of blogs and support for Erica has risen throughout the day and we imagine this will take a force of it’s own once more media get’s a hold of the story.


PLUS Model Magazine is asking EVERYONE to go on TV One’s Facebook Page and Twitter and ask them to publicly apologize to Erica Watson and all plus size women for that matter. This is an outrage and something we should not let slip under the rug.

This is NOT acceptable!