Is South America Leading The Positive Body Image Movement?

Looking at everything that is happening in places like Brazil, it seems like South America is truly leading the Positive Body Image Movement. While we have many companies and organizations that celebrate the plus size woman, the actual modeling industry in the U.S. continues to struggle with image. The models keep getting smaller, and the customers continually are not being marketed to.

Yesterday, the picture of beautiful Mayara Russi popped up on the internet, and from the moment we added her to our Facebook page, the comments and likes came pouring in.

Most of the comments were positive, the images emote a positive feeling to those that can appreciate size diversity.

How does this photo make you feel? Is the U.S. truly ready for size diversity?

*Thank you to Judgement of Paris for posting the gorgeous campaign.

Most well known in Brazil is Fluvia Lacerda who has revolutionized the plus size industry in her homeland of Brazil at a size 18.