Over the past 25 years the Yoek empire has expanded considerably. The brand now has sales outlets all over the world. This has created more opportunities to experiment. “We experiment with various styles, with prints and with colour, and renew our image continuously. We produce a new collection four times a year.”

Interesting to find out, Johanna says, that the wishes of women with a full figure vary considerably per country. “In England they don’t like to wear pants. We sell mainly skirts over there. And festive chiffons, for the British spend much more money on party clothes than we do. Preferably with a nice tight fit, while the Germans, for example, prefer the A shape.”

There’s a new Organic collection, but Yoek actually has always worked with natural materials, Johanna emphasizes, if only because they feel much nice than synthetic fabrics. But now that the world is changing, Yoek also wants to contribute and has invested in a collection produced in a durable was, clothes that are meant to remain beautiful for a long time.

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Yoek does not sell accessories, except for maybe a shawl now and then. There is logic behind that: shoes and handbags have nothing to do with a woman’s clothing size. Which does not mean Johanna thinks shoes are not important. On the contrary, she’s crazy about shoes and always advises her clients to put on shoes with high heels, whatever they’re wearing. “Nothing flatters your figure more than high heels,” she says. “They improve your posture, your calves and legs tighten up, you walk upright and they make you feel self-confident and feminine.” She has quite a few Jimmy Choo specimens in her wardrobe herself. She also loves Louboutins, but their heels are too high for her. “They’re shoes you only sit down with.”Yoek has no ambition to design shoes. Johanna: “That is a special kind of craft. Let us do what we do well.” And there is no doubt about that Johanna and Chantal are good at. They’ve created a wardrobe for the woman with a full figure. They’ve taught her she is attractive. That she doesn’t have to hide her body under meters and meters of material, but can show what she has: class and style.