The design that Upscale panties are based on was developed and patented in Sweden by a nurse in the 90´s under the name of Clebro, responding the need for well-fitting panties for full-figure women.

We focus on the curves and anatomy of real people. With our proprietary pattern, we work with creative underwear designers to develop unique panties that are both super-comfortable and that will make you feel like a queen both day and night.
Upscale is based in Sweden and the United Kingdom.

”I´m honored to carry on the work of my mother who started the business in the 90´s. Working as a professional in the medical field for thirty years, she realized the crying need for comfortable and well-fitting lingerie for plus-size people, women and men. Her work in collaboration with leading pattern developers from the fashion industry resulted in the patented design and fit of our panties. There is in other words a wealth of experience and understanding behind what we do. Our design is made according to the anatomy of real, beautiful and full-figure people. Today, we are called Upscale and offer an updated collection. But we always stay true to our original cut and core design.”


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