Plus size Brazilian Bikinis by Lehona – Plus Size Swimsuits From The Land Of The Itty Bitty Bikini

It might be cold in the States but in other parts of the world, it is bikini weather! Plus size swimsuit designer, Lehona, offers bikini’s that are made just for the plus size woman! Only available in Brazil at the moment, but inspiring enough to want find the perfect two piece. included in their recent article,

Clothing designer Clarice Rebelatto said her own swimwear-hunting travails prompted her to found Lehona, an exclusively plus-size beachwear line.

“Honestly, the problem went way beyond just bikinis. In Brazil, it used to be that if you were even a little chunky, finding any kind of clothes in the right size was a real problem,” said Rebelatto, herself a size 10. “And I thought, ‘I’m actually not even that big compared to a lot of women out there, so if I have problems, what are they doing?'”

Not in Brazil? Well, at least you can take a peek at and see just what we are missing in the States. In Brazil? Well, aren’t you lucky!