PMM Archive: Never Apologize – A PLUS Model Exclusive With Designer Janet Howard

Every now and again, a plus size designer raises eyebrows, sets the bar, or takes the plus size fashion scene to the next level.  Janet Howard will do all three as she debuts her Curvy Collection for Los Angeles Fashion Weekend. Reah Norman and I had the pleasure of sitting down with this fierce, feisty, and foxy feline nestled in her Los Feliz home to bring to you the designer set to shake things up in Los Angeles.

Who is Janet Howard?

Featured in Vogue USA, Pantone, Pret-A-Porter Collections, Figaro, Mademoiselle, Marie Claire, Glamour, LA Times, WWD, Buzz, Chatter, Essence, NY Times, Vogue Paris, Clin d’oeil, Cosmopolitan, and Harper’s Bazaar- to name just a select few, this fashion forward and acclaimed member of the CFDA heads out to shake up the fashion scene for the curvier set.

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PMM: So tell me Janet, how long have you been designing?

JH: I have been designing my whole life. I often joke that I do not have another life skill! Since I was eight years old, I began making clothes. I learned from my mother- she’s a master tailor. Fashion and designing is part of my DNA.


PMM: So did you go to school for designing?

JH: I was self taught! I was thankful that I was born with it. In fact, I tried to go to college. That lasted a year and a half and I was like ‘get me outta here.’ I thought I wanted to be normal and be a lawyer.

I am a college dropout and pretty proud of it!

PMM: You have had an amazing career, tell us about it!

JH: I was doing LA shows back when they were called CA Collection in the early 90’s. With sights set higher, I headed to NY. With my own line, I was named California designer of the year in ’97. I was the second designer from California to be invited into the CFDA! It was so exciting as it is really hard to be in the CFDA- you have to be invited!

Check out the entire interview here