Each month, PLUS Model Magazine features a model hopeful and brand new plus size model. In the February issue, meet Spotlight Model Cassandra Cabral of Toronto, Canada. Tiffany Bank (of “Big Sexy” on TLC fame) interviews an up and coming model.

What made you decide to become a plus size model?
What made me decide to become a plus size model is really my passion within. Ever since I was a little girl I loved trying on clothes, going into my mom’s makeup, dolling myself up and posing in the mirror! My mom also ran a clothing company from home so I was able to do fashion shows for her and model the clothes all the time! However, through my teen years as a plus size girl I often found it hard to appreciate what I have to offer and always felt I was different from other girls. But as I finally grew into the person I am today and realized what a beautiful person I really am at any size, the possibilities for my plus model career became endless. I now feel I can empower other young girls who have yet to realize they are amazing and have a lot to offer the world regardless of which size they are.

Who are your favorite curvy role models?
My favorite curvy role models are definitely Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé Knowles! JLO and Beyoncé are both known for their amazing curvy bodies. They are both known to be very “bootylicious” and both know how to rock their hot bods! They show girls everywhere that confidence is key, and one must love oneself before anyone else can. Despite all the tabloids and the haters these voluptuously curvy girls change the game and have always set a good example for girls everywhere. {continue reading…}

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