Originally published PLUS Model Magazine  4/01/2008

Eyelashes are just as alluring as a sexy pout… they are the other bait… come hither looks cannot possibly be well framed without the perfect lashes.

1. Curl
My favorite lash curler is by Shu Uemera. Curl before you apply mascara. Curling after can actually cause our lashes to break.

2.  Prep + Prime
I love to use lash builders or primers. They offer longevity to your mascara throughout your day, while giving our lashes extra thickness. They are jam packed with conditioners for the lashes to help strengthen each hair. That is always my first step to sexy lashes. I will also do one eye at a time. I apply primer to one eye, and before my base coat dries, I apply mascara right on top, because I want to get maximum benefits from my primer.

3. Paint
Then go for your mascara. I like to apply a coat on top of my lashes first to coat over the primer, and then I apply as usual. Upwards motions, from base to tip. Don’t forget the bottom lashes. Turn your wand vertical and paint the individual lashes. Paint your bottom lashes sparingly. You want the focus to be on your top lash line.

4. Separate
Pass a fine-toothed lash comb through your lashes to separate and rid of any clumps. Try Tweezerman Folding Lash Comb

5. And paint again.
Apply a second coat of mascara and your now have beautiful sexy lashes.

How to choose a mascara:

Ask yourself what do I want a mascara to do for me? Would I like more length, more volume, more curl, or all of the above?

Length? Try Lancome Definicils
Volume? Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara
Curl? Napoleon Perdis Peep Show Madame Curl Curl Mascara
All of it? Diorshow Mascara
Lash primer? Shu Uemera Lash Repair
Waterproof? Prescriptives Here to Stay Mascara

The proper way you remove your mascara and eye makeup:

Use an eye makeup remover. Try Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover by Mary Kay Cosmetics. This has been in my kit since the beginning. Non-irritating to sensitive eyes and easily removes waterproof mascara.  I take a cotton pad and lightly soak it with eye makeup remover. Then I close my eye and press lightly on the lashes to loosen up the coats of mascara I applied earlier that day. Then I gently wipe until all of it is removed. Move on to the other eye, and then cleanse your face with a proper cleanser.  No soap and water. Makeup has special ingredients in it that need special removers to properly and thoroughly remove them from your skin. Cleansers dissolve makeup, soap does not.

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