Get this vintage hair look with a few simple steps perfect for the plus size bombshell!

~ Create a defined side parting.

~ Using a large barrel tong or wand, make sure to curl hair inwards towards the face.

~ Then clip in place using flat, setting clips.

~ Leave to cool {set} for 15 minutes then gently brush so the curls ‘blend together’. I realize it seems weird brushing out all your hard work but the curls will spring up and look so much prettier and softer than they do as individual curls.

~ If you want to achieve curls higher up your head, around your forehead, curl smaller sections towards the front. You can also mold the hair into curls and use setting clips to hold the dip of the curl. Then add a light dusting of hair spray and you’re ready to go work those vintage waves!

{step-by-step courtesy of, images}