Girl Model, The Movie – An In Depth Look at Recruiting


There is a lot of buzz on the International Film Festivals circuit about “Girl Model, The Movie.”  I ran across the trailer and a quick article on it via VeriaLiving who quoted the following from the films Youtube channel, “In rural Siberia, Russian and American model scouts scour remote villages in search of teenage girls to satisfy the Japanese market’s unquenchable thirst. For poor, pretty farm girls, the promise of work abroad signifies the rare chance for a new life. David Redmon and Ashley Sabin’s provocative documentary explores this dark, seldom-seen segment of the modeling industry through two primary subjects.

Ashley used to be a model in the United States. Now she’s a professional scout who is conflicted over the fact that her livelihood depends on recruiting the youngest girls possible based on promises that aren’t always realized. Nadya is a 13-year-old country girl from Novosibirsk, Siberia, who embodies the particular kind of youthful innocence so highly sought-after in Japan. Hoping to help support her tight-knit family, she travels to Tokyo, but once there, she finds the frustrating reality of how jobs are booked is much different from what she expected.”

I have not seen the movie yet, but based on the trailer, it is a film that I do what to see. It is no secret that there is a dark side to the modeling business, what are your thoughts?


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