We have always been big fans of Jibri, and the new Spring 2012 collection absolutely does not disappoint!

The collection includes exciting prints, high waist flare skirts and slouch pants. Jibri pushes the envelope and brings plus size fashion something it desperately needs, creativity. We have options for “safe” clothing every day, let’s live a little and have fun with our look this Spring.

Thank you Jibri!

Check out Jibri Fashions on the cover of the December 2011 Issue here!



About Jibri:

JIBRI is dedicated to creating garments for the fashion conscious, curvy woman. The label is a perfect combination of high fashion chic and urban street sleek in sizes 14-24. JIBRI features a variation of punk innovation, classic construction and vintage inspiration.

Check out Jibri on the December 2011 cover of PLUS Model Magazine.