Plus Size Modeling – They Like Me, Now What Do I Do? by Tracie Stern

In this month’s issue of PLUS Model Magazine, Tracie Stern, Plus Size Model and Model Development Director, writes about what to do when a Plus Size modeling agency likes you.

You’ve done your homework.  You’ve followed my guidelines on submitting to agencies and you have finally received a response: “We love your look and would like to represent you.” These are the words every aspiring model is waiting to hear. Now that opportunity is knocking, what is your next step?

Once an agency reaches out and says they like you, unless you are already standing in front of them, they will request a meeting face-to-face. This is so that they can verify that you do indeed look like your photos and to address any issues like acne, scars, body shape, etc. that didn’t come through in the pictures. They will also most likely take digital photos of you in your skivvies so be prepared. If this meeting is in a city other than your own, you will need to be prepared to travel to them at your own expense. After your face-to-face, if the agency still likes what they see, they will make the suggestion that you test with one of their recommended photographers. Again, this will be at your expense. Some of the larger agencies may decide to ‘advance’ you the money (they will pay the photographer directly, you will never touch the funds) knowing that they can sell you right away and make back their investment. Don’t be mistaken when you hear the word ‘advance’. You will be responsible for paying back that money either out of your own pocket or it will be deducted from your first job(s).  Since the plus market is not as big, this practice is used very rarely.  The agencies like to have new faces shoot with their local photographers for several reasons. The main being the photographer has already  produced great images and they are suitable for that agency’s particular market.  These tests can run upwards of $500-$600.   They may want you to do the shoot while you are in town; again, financially, be prepared. There is no worse feeling than having your dreams in front of you but not being able to grab them because you don’t have enough money.  {Continue reading article…}


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