It’s easily one of the most anticipated plus size fashion events of the year. Puerto Rico will host its first plus size fashion show called Fashion Passport: Plus Size Edition. Behind the movement is one woman who is bridging the gap between the curvy women of Puerto Rico and plus size fashion. We caught up with Marilyn Arroyo for PLUS Model Magazine.

Madeline: Could you tell me a little about yourself?

Marilyn: My name is Marilyn Arroyo and I’m from a small town in Puerto Rico. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but I had two kids to provide for after my divorce so I went back to University.  While studying, working as a bartender, and maintaining the family, I did not have time for myself and crossed over into plus sizes.

Madeline: How did you get involved in the plus size industry?

Marilyn: Plus size clothing has always been difficult to buy in Puerto Rico. I felt alienated from being a pretty woman.  This was a turning point and I decided that I would open a boutique for plus sizes carrying quality and tasteful, youthful clothing.  This was the beginning of Plump Couture!  Plump Couture is in its second year of business and has evolved into a necessity and inspiration for many women.

Madeline: Fashion Passport: Plus Size Edition Fashion Show coming in May – can you tell us about what the show will be like?

Marilyn: Fashion Passport: Plus Size Edition will be a fashion show featuring only plus size clothing. The event is meant to celebrate plus size fashion and inspire women and teens, size 12 and up. A plus size event of this kind is going to bring the plus size community together; we deserve the runway, too.

Madeline: What do you have planned for Plump Couture?

Marilyn: The collection will release a line of shape wear underwear as well as jeans, accessories, shoes and perfume.  As MA says; “We deserve the runway too!”

Members of the PLUS Model Magazine masthead and a few model friends will be attending the fashion show on May 5th in support.

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