There’s a revolution shaking up businesses and your business could be left behind if you ignore it.  The Revolution is Mobile Marketing

The widespread use of cellphones and smartphones, makes it possible for even the smallest business to generate large flows of traffic by sending a single text message. An excellent description of mobile marketing is…

“Mobile Marketing is businesses communicating with consumers on their mobile phones with their explicit permision at the right time, at the right place while providing relevant value.”

You probably use text messages all the time to communicate with your friends and family but…now you can tap into the power of sending SMS Text Messages directly to your potential customers for a small fraction of your traditional advertising costs!  Did you know that 92% of people NEVER turn their cell phones off?

Marketing is an essential part of any size business, and due to the “recession” a small business can not afford to throw money away on advertising that doesn’t work. If you want your business advertising to produce RESULTS,  then you need Mobile Marketing! Mobile Marketing Gets Instant And Direct Access To Your Customers at the push of a button! Traditional advertising like television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and yellow pages produce low returns for the dollars invested.

Imagine having a marketing channel that will enable you to reach out to your prospects and speak directly to them at the push of a button.  It is also the one and only place where you can be 100% assured that your marketing messages will be read by your prospects on their mobile phones.

You can use Mobile Marketing to get your business filled with customers eagerly talking about how they can’t wait to do business with you, and your phone ringing off the hook…yes, it’s possible with Mobile Marketing to create a ‘Mania’!

The Four Magic Words Make All The Difference – “Text For More Information”

This works so well, because it uniquely positions your business in your local market as DIFFERENT. Nearly everyone who has a cellphone loves texting, and by positioning your company as one of the few smart enough to engage customers on this medium in your local market, you enjoy phenomenal results for your ingenuity.

You can increase your revenue running promotions With simple 140 character text messages. The true profit-pulling potential of “Special Sales” is unlocked once you combine it with the dynamic power of a mobile marketing campaign. Send out an attention-grabbing text message to the prospects in your marketplace and watch what happens!

People LOVE getting text messages and they LOVE sales. So when you send a text message about a sale going on guess what happens? Your prospects get excited and come to your sale, but first they forward your message to some of their friends! These friends do the same thing and so on and so forth, and the next thing you know, you’re sold out, booked up with new clients and customers. The beauty of this breakthrough innovation in advertising is that it also brings you more customers at the same time it saves you money!

Like anything else in business, those who get in the SMS mobile marketing revolution earliest stand to get the most value from the services. Never before has there been such a low cost medium to stay in contact with your customers, but many businesses aren’t taking advantage of it because they don’t understand it and they think it’s incredibly complicated, but not anymore.

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