Would You Defend A Plus Size Shopper – ABC show What Would You Do

Last night on ABC’s airing of “What Would You To?”  there is a segment entitled , “Would You Defend An Overweight Shopper?” While I am not a fan of how the question is asked, I already know what I would do in this situation. Not too long ago, after a water workout, a plus size women gently got in the pool to continue her work out and an much older man said to me, “the water just rose six inches” while motioning with his hands. While I respect my elders, and understand there are generational differences, why would he say that to another plus size woman? As if I would agree. It goes without saying, I let him know what I thought of his comment in a respectful and diplomatic manner but I did not mince my words. So I have to ask, what would you do?

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