Plus size bloggers offer a powerful voice from individual style to sharing everyday life experiences of the plus size woman.  Kat Kinsman penned an article for featuring three bloggers and their whys for what they do. Everyday, plus size women are torn down by members of society being accused of things ranging from advocating obesity to not deserving more fashion choices because of size. Even within the plus size community, it isn’t uncommon to see other plus size women, or even plus size advocates tear down others in order to further their own personal cause in the faux name of community. That is the beauty and the curse.  Individuality is key and this is what bloggers do so well. There is an old saying,  “Fashion is not always in style, but style is always in fashion.” Bloggers express their individual sense of style  via the internet. Giving back to women by sharing their lives and styles in a very public way. These bloggers are real women, with real experiences, who really want to share with others. While there are negative comments, and those that use their keyboards as a weapon to say behind the cloak of a monitor what could never be said eye to eye, positive comments are the overwhelming majority. Moments of self discovery and acceptance are a common occurrence because women, both plus size and not, can identify with bloggers that best fit themselves. Blogs, especially plus size blogs, are a powerful group of individual voices and the mainstream media can’t help but notice.

Check out the article on featuring three bloggers; Lesley Kinzel, Jessica Kane, and Dee S. {read article here…}

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