PMM Archives: Being Prepared On Set: Creating The Perfect Plus Size Model Bag Part II

Plus size models always need to be prepared when going on set. There is no telling what can happen during a shoot and when your bag of tricks will come in handy.

Today we continue Reah Norman’s Being Prepared On Set: Creating The Perfect Plus Size Model Bag Part II

There should be a variety of undergarments in your model bag, considering you will not always know ahead of time what type of clothing you will be wearing. Undergarments are essential to create the correct “canvas” for a garment, so make sure the items you choose fit you properly. You should always choose a nude/skin color as well as black. The Cacique collection from Lane Bryant has perfect options, as well as most department stores.

Waist Shaper: nude, black
When it comes to selecting the correct shaper, it sometimes requires a bit of trial and error. You should be prepared to try several brands and styles to determine which shaper works best for you. I often hear mixed reviews on shapers, so what works for someone else, may not work for you. Selecting a high-waisted brief shaper is a great way to start your collection. (Try the Spanx “Hide & Sleek High Rise Panty” [pictured]. This shaper is a brief that offers coverage throughout the torso to underneath the breasts and is available at The Floral Jacquard Waist Nipper from Hips and Curves is also a great option,

Waist and Thigh Shaper: nude, black
It is a great idea to have a shaper that offers coverage to the tummy, thighs and behind. This shaper can come in handy to prevent chaffing when wearing dresses, as well as assist in smoothing out pants, jeans, capris and skirts. (Try the Spanx “High Power Panties” [pictured] from or the Tummy & Thigh Control Shapewear from Hips & Curves,

Thigh and Leg Shaper: nude, black
Thigh and Leg Shapers are perfect for situations when you need smoothing in the area, such as with pants, jeans or capris. This shaper is specifically helpful when the fabric of the garment you are modeling is thinner and less forgiving. (Try the Spanx “Hide & Sleek Capri Smoother”,, or the Hips and Curves “Shaping & Smoothing Leggings”,

Sheer-to-Waist Pantyhose:
nude, black
Sheer-to-Waist pantyhose are essential for your model bag, and are specifically important for runway, lingerie and swimsuit modeling. They can be helpful to ensure that nothing “jiggles” when walking down the catwalk and when shooting lingerie they keep the imperfections and skin tones in the legs and thighs smooth. Sheer-to-waist hose can be difficult to find in plus sizes, so stock up on them and keep a few pair on hand in case you need them. (Try the No Nonsense “Sheer-to-Waist” pantyhose [pictured], or the “Opaque Sheer Tights” from Leg Avenue,


Basic Dark Denim:
Choose a pair of basic dark denim without any embellishments that are the perfect fit and length for you. Keep this pair set aside specifically for shooting, so they will not get worn out and faded from wash and wear. (Try the “Right Fit Stretch Boot cut Jean” from Lane Bryant. Generally, boot cut jeans work well for all body types, and these are a great pick because the “Right Fit” system at Lane Bryant offers a more precise fit and are available in petite, average, and tall lengths).

Having camis in basic colors such as white, black and skin tone can be useful when modeling both print and runway. You never know when you may need to cover up extra cleavage, or add a layer to a sheer garment. (Try “The Perfect Cami” from SWAK Designs [pictured]. This cami is seamless and stretchy to hug your curves and the spaghetti straps keep it inconspicuous,

Bring a robe with you that you can wear between changes and while hair and make-up is being done. This makes changing outfits much easier and keeps you warm in drafty studios. (Try the “Pendergrass Plus Size Spa Robe” [pictured],

There will not always be a stylist, in the next part I will address what supplies you should carry with you.