How to Determine the Swimsuit for Your Body Type – Plus Size Swimwear

Plus size Swimsuits Just for realizes that shopping for a swimsuit, especially if you’re plus size, can often be a daunting task when it should be a fun experience, that’s why we carry plus size swimwear made especially to fit full-figured women. Show off your curves in the most modern trends ; twist-front swimdresses, two-pieces, double layer tankinis and swim shorts. You’ll be able to put together a fabulous swimsuit with our mix and match opportunities. We created a list below, by body type, to help you shop for a look flatters your figure!

Triangle – If you’re a triangular shape, then you usually carry your weight down below in your waist and hips and have narrow shoulders and a smaller bust. You should shop for suits that will draw an onlooker’s eyes up and away from the bottom half of your body. Busy prints should be worn up top with a solid color on the bottom – preferably in a darker color.

Hourglass – Hourglass shapes stay true to their name. If you’re lucky enough to be this shape, you’re heavier on the top and bottom (almost in equal amounts) and have a smaller waist. In order to ensure your slim waist is emphasized, make sure your suit still hugs your midsection.

Inverted Triangle – If you have an inverted triangle shape you most likely have wide shoulders and a fuller bust with a narrow waist and hips. You should focus on slimming the top portion of your frame while drawing attention to your smaller waist and hips. If you’re bustier, you may want to wear a top that offers a lot of support with underwire padding and thicker straps. Shirred sides focus the eyes on the waist while adding a bit of style to our plus size swimsuits.

RectangleWomen who are rectangular shapes have equal proportions from their shoulders to their hips. Since there’s a large portion of your body that isn’t defined, we suggest using a few tricks to break it up.  Details like detailed necklines, shirring on the sides and funky floral patterns add a little bit of interest. If you’re a rectangle shape, you have the freedom to really emphasize what you want to most.

Circle – Circular women have rounder shoulders, a fuller midsection and wider hips. An excellent way to look slimmer is to focus on making your waist appear smaller. You can do this by wearing a suit that has shirring or a surplice neckline. Color blocks will draw attention away from a circular shape and tankini swimsuits are excellent at dividing attention between your top and bottom sections.

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