Lee Jeans Books Size 18 Model…

Hello my fellow PMM family!

I have been away for a bit, but it’s only because I have been working and booking! Madeline and I came up with the idea to share my highs and lows of being a working, full-time, plus-size model and actress.  I’m excited to share my perspective when it comes to hitting the pavement via castings and go-sees to booking and doing the actual gig.

Throughout the year I will share stories that give you insight as  to what really goes into “a day in the life” type of editorial. After years of doing “Q&A with Larissa,” I am blessed to continue with PLUS Model Magazine by sharing my adventures with you. My longevity in this amazing career has earned me the luxury of being a positive voice in the plus-size modeling and entertainment community.

I entitled my new editorial: “Model Musings with Larissa Laurel” because this world inspires me, as do each and every one of you I come in contact with.

November 2011 Booking with Lee Jeans

The Booking:

I was so thrilled when I booked the Lee Jeans catalog shoot back in November 2011. It was right after Thanksgiving. Not only was it a two-day shoot, but Lee was flying me to Kansas City, Missouri where their national headquarters is located.

Once there, I would shoot with their in-house photographer (Dan Ruettimann) and stylist (Christy Guy).

The person in charge of booking me was Marc Shank, who also runs the entire marketing operation.

Marc told me that the buyers and the general public were disappointed that the previous plus-size models didn’t look plus-size at all, so they made history by booking a size 18 junior model; which is me!! It turned out to be such a success that they booked me again just a couple of weeks ago and I shot there this past March 2012.

The Preparation:

Now, knowing beforehand that the shoot was right after Thanksgiving, I made sure not to eat my usual helpings of mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pecan pie. In fact, I just ate turkey and green beans, with a taste of pumpkin cheesecake.

I’m known to be a hearty eater, so I’m sure my boyfriend’s Italian family was wondering what was up. They looked relieved when I explained I booked a big shoot in Missouri modeling jeans, shorts and summer outfits and were in full support of my low-carb Thanksgiving dinner.

Back home before flying out of La Guardia, I packed up my gym clothes, sneakers, a pair of heels, a pair of sandals, extra makeup and all my modeling necessities: nude bra, nude thongs, Spanx (just in case), lotion, business cards, comp cards, etc. I wanted to make sure I was fully prepared, especially since I wasn’t in NYC and had never worked with this stylist before.

My past experiences have taught me that if you don’t think you’ll need a certain item, that’s the one item you are going to need! I also made sure to get my natural looking mani/pedi done since that was a requirement for the shoot.

I printed all my hotel info, flight info, and a mental note to keep all receipts of taxi rides and any incidentals I might need to buy during the trip and visit in Kansas City.