Originally published PLUS Model Magazine 10/01/2009

Only when I became a makeup artist, did I learn the importance of a primer to your makeup. When an artist paints on her canvas, she does not paint on clean muslin, she paints on muslin that has been primed with gesso. When you paint the walls on your home, you apply a coat of primer beforehand. The reason we do this is because primers offer us insurance or assurance that the paint we apply will stick properly and last a very long time.

The same goes for your makeup. Primers are your insurance policy that what you just applied to your face, will stay exactly where you put it!

Foundation Primer:

Wearing a foundation primer helps to smooth over the appearance of large pores and fine lines and creates a smoother base for your foundation. You will notice that your foundation will go on prettier and will last a whole lot longer, with less touch up for you!

Try: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
Cargo Blue-Ray Mattifer

Eye Shadow Primer:

No more disappearing eye shadow! Eye shadow stays exactly where you put it! I have never had to touch up my eye shadow, and neither have my clients!

Try: Tarte Lifted Natural Eye Primer with Firmitol
Too Faced Shadow Insurance- Anti-Crease Eyeshadow Primer

Lash Primers:

They will give your mascara more longevity so that you do not end up with raccoon eyes at the end of your long day. And beware, because they will give you longer, fuller lashes.

Try: Prescriptives Lash Builder Mascara Basecoat
Ulta Professional Lash Primer

Lipstick Primers:

Helps lipstick stay put longer on your lips and fills in any cracks or fine lines around your lips.

Try: Laura Geller Lip Spackle
Mary Kay TimeWise Age Fighting Lip Primer

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