Kathy Clair is very passionate about her role as Vice President of Marketing for plus size brand Ashley Stewart. Only four months in and she is already making major changes. At the top of her list, she is building the bridge between the brand and it’s customer. I sat down with Kathy at the Mother’s Day shoot in NYC to discuss models, fashion and what she hopes to bring to plus size women. Ladies, meet your new plus size advocate!

Maddy: I’m so happy to meet you, can you tell us about working for one of the top specialty brands for plus size women?

Kathy: I see my job as an opportunity to work for an under served market.

The people at Ashley Stewart are amazing.  The product is gorgeous and its stuff that my sister, mother and I want to wear. I knew this was where I had to be, I got goose bumps when I interviewed.

Maddy: What do you hope to bring to Ashley Stewart?

Kathy: To me we are not just selling clothes, we are selling confidence. I want everyone who walks in our door, or visits us online to feel good about themselves. No matter what part of their body they want to play up, or what style they prefer, I want them to be able to find what they are looking for.

Maddy: I’m here at your photo shoot for the May Mother’s Day campaign – can you tell me about plus size fashion and what we could expect to see from Ashley Stewart?

Kathy: We have gorgeous blouses, dresses, shimmer Capri twill pants, lots of color and basically everything you have seen on the runways.

Maddy: Let’s talk about the direction of the May Campaign; you are working with Randi Graves a former PMM cover model, and new to Ashley Stewart Fluvia Lacerda. Can you tell us about your decision to work with these two amazing models and the bold step in featuring a size 18 model in a campaign? {Read more}

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