I came across the trailer for “The Weight Of The Nation”, a new HBO documentary that depicts the demise of the United States as being “obesity.”

Featured quotes include:

Obesity is the biggest threat to the health welfare of the future.”

It’s not only health, it’s about survival; and about the well being of the United States as a nation.”

If we don’t take this as urgent priority, we are all going to pay a serious price.”

“Obesity will crush the United States into oblivion.”

Yes, folks if you are obese or fat you are apparently contributing to the demise of the United States. It’s not cancer, aids, war on drugs or crime; it’s being fat. This nation whose government officials continue to embarrass the nation with scandal after scandal, and whose massive debt continues to grow is not the focus, but the weight of the nation is. We are at war at home with criminals taking the lives of innocent people, poverty, health insurance concerns, our elderly and homeless are in need but “Obesity” will crush our nation into oblivion. Really?

If you want to know why society feels like it’s okay to put you down, deny you basic rights and treat you like a second class citizen, this is why right here. Severe obesity that manifest into health problems is one thing, but to classify everyone together is just absurd. Diabetes and heart disease is not a fat problem, it’s a health problem.  People that are unhealthy have health problems and they can be skinny or fat, and to state that “obese” people are unhealthy is not a fact! The BMI chart and what doctor’s deem as obese can be your 5’7 – size 16 woman, so no one is safe!

Will it become illegal to be obese? What if you don’t meet BMI standards? Can children be taken away from you if they are deemed “obese” and unhealthy?

Where we are headed is scary and if we stay silent, our basic rights can be taken away from us. Get ready and be informed because basic civil rights may be taken away from those of us that fall into the “obese” category.