Yesterday, The Huffington Post wrote an article on Zac Posen’s new Lord and Taylor capsule collection, Z Spoke. Zac is quoted as saying, “I design for women with bodies”… Let that sink in for a moment. When asked if he designs for plus size women, he stated that he’s line is from a size 0 to 16. So is there hope or is Zac Posen Posin’ when it comes to designing for “women with bodies?”

When I took a look at Z Spoke, I noticed there were a few size 14’s and no 16’s. Is it possible that the larger sizes sold out first or there is no size 16 option? According to their size chart, a 12/14 hip is 39.5-41 inches and a size 16 is a 42.5 inch hip. While there is a portion of the plus size population that fits that measurement, Zac is quoted as saying he “designs for women with bodies” and “women have hips and they have all different shapes.” Zac you said it not us, but there is a correction in all of this, you design for SOME bodies. There is 65% of the female population you are missing out on Mr. Posen who would love to wear your line. Either design for women with bodies or don’t, but do not feign to be understanding of women of all shapes and sizes yet your line only reflects some. If your largest size is the one to sell out first, then it is safe to say, you SHOULD design for all shapes and sizes… including plus sizes.

{Photo courtesy of Huffington Post, click to read full article}


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