Are Networking and Attending Plus Size Events Important?

If you want to become a teacher, it would be in your business to go to school, study and know everything there is to know about the teaching profession. The same stands true of plus modeling! You have to study and READ everything you can about the modeling business. You must know who the movers and shakers are in the industry and become a face that people recognize at events.

Do you go to events? If not, then you should. I’ve met some amazing women at panels, conferences and when I speak to women around the country.

When attending events, act in a business-like manner. Don’t just watch from afar… introduce yourself to people. Bring your photos and pass them along. Make sure your information is on the back.

Remember, in order to be seen and considered, you have to be where the industry people are.

How does social media factor
into plus modeling?