COCOA BROWN – America’s Home girl

I recently had the chance to catch up with comedienne/ actress Cocoa Brown. She is starring in Tyler Perry’s “For Better or Worse” and will soon be taking on the new job of motherhood.  Although Cocoa has managed to have another sitcom picked up with Cedric the Entertainer and will soon host her own radio show on Jamie Foxx’s Foxhole radio / Sirius XM, she has not forgotten her roots.  “America’s home girl” definitely has no issue with telling it like it is!  Embracing her curves and taking on Hollywood. Cocoa Brown is guaranteed to turn heads and make her mark in entertainment.

Tia:  Wow, Cocoa it’s been a year since I have seen you and everything has changed, you are a comedian, actress, and now soon to be mother; are you ready for that?

Cocoa:  (laughs) You try getting ready for a baby 2000 miles away from home (laughs).   I just arrived back into Atlanta for taping, I’ve been so busy touring hospitals looking for an obstetrician, and preparing because the baby will be delivered here in Atlanta, so we are just trying to get everything in order before that happens.  And on top of everything I’m still touring.

Tia:  So you are touring and doing a sitcom; didn’t you just do a pilot too?

Cocoa:  Yeah, I just taped a pilot with Cedric the Entertainer and it got picked up.

Tia:  Girl you’re so blessed. So last we met for the first time at Firefly in Studio City, CA and you were talking about putting together this show with some other people and I said “girl you don’t need to do that you’re on a whole other level, and I remember you talking about auditioning for Tyler Perry at that time, but did you think working with Mr. Perry would manifest in your life so quickly?

Cocoa:  Um, the thing about being in Hollywood and being in the business is everything is so unpredictable there’s no time limit, or anything you can do.  I mean that’s why you have people every talent level, every experience background, and lookYou know there’s no rhyme or reason to Hollywood.  Its either your time or it isn’t and you keep grinding hoping that your time will come.  I mean it did blow me away that it started like a windfall and it kept coming and coming and coming, but I also know that you know, I did a lot of hard work to get here and maybe God just felt like it’s okay, she’s ready. Everybody ain’t mentally, emotionally, and spiritually equipped for this craziness.   There is a lot going on and you can easily get delusional and really lose a grip on reality if you are not grounded and know what’s going on.

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Tia:  That’s so true.

Cocoa: Sharing yourself with the world and keeping some of yourself for yourself and for those people who really know you.  And you know I never ever get cocky. I stay humble.

Tia:  Now you play Jennifer on Tyler Perry’s sitcom “For Better or for Worse”.  Do you identify with this character, what drew you to Jennifer? Do you and Jennifer have similar personalities?   Because what I can tell from the show, Jennifer is a very real character and you’ve always been real; that’s one characteristic I know you definitely have (laughs).

Cocoa:  Yes, Jennifer is very real but I know a lot of people like her: strong, single mothers, who hold down their house, raise their children, don’t take no mess from nobody and still want to be loved, respected and treated well.  I mean who doesn’t know women like that?  So I am able to identify because I know women like that.

Tia:  How is it working on the set with the cast of Why Did I Get Married?, and working with Mr. Tyler Perry? Because a lot of actors dream of working with him it’s not just the black actors dream but it is the dream of many actors.

Cocoa:  Yeah, yes he’s great.  Because he is a respected director and producer he has transcended color actors of all races and colors would really love to work with him, and I feel honored every day I can drive onto that set and drive past that big sign that says Tyler Perry Studios. Working with Mr. Perry is an honor because you know honestly he’s making me a better actress because he allows me freedom with my character.  You don’t find a lot of directors that allow you the freedom with the character like he does.

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