Do You Meet the Criteria for Plus Size Modeling?

Do I Meet the Criteria for Plus Size Modeling?

Generally, modeling agencies are looking for plus size models who are between 5’9” and 6’0” and wear a size 10/12 to 14/16. Having said that, there ARE plus models who are making a living and do NOT fit the above criteria; I know these women personally and can attest to the fact that they have had to work harder to get to where they are in their careers.

Note: Although PLUS Model Magazine does not work with models smaller than a size 12, there are brands using models as small as size 6!

Plus Size Fit Modeling Criteria

Fit models are generally 5’7” and size 18, 20 and sometimes a 22.

Where Are Plus Models Working?

Most of the work for plus size models are in catalog, online, print campaigns for specialty brands and designers, followed by showroom, fit, and magazine editorials.

General Information for All Plus Models

You must have good skin, teeth and nails. You should not have a lot of tattoos/piercings and your hair should be healthy and in a natural color (blond, black/brown, red).