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She’s beautiful and talented, Jessica Lavoie is the model turned photographer who shot this month’s Bridal Issue cover and editorial. If she looks familiar, she should. She’s a very successful plus size model and a regular on the Lane Bryant web site. We decided to go back and give you a little more of this natural beauty.

Jessica’s images by Susan Bowlus

Interview originally published July 1, 2010

Plus size model Jessica Lavoie and I met for breakfast very early one morning; we were discussing working together for PLUS and how we each became involved in the industry. After 10 years in this business, she is still every bit as beautiful and interested in matters of the plus size modeling industry. As she now transitions into her new phase of life as a photographer, I was happy to learn a new side of Jessica. She is more than just a model and photographer, but a business woman who is not afraid of hard work. With an industry who supports her efforts, we are sure to see great things from her.

Maddy: The plus size industry has been on everyone’s lips since the end of last year in the mainstream media. As a veteran plus size model, how does this make you feel?

Jessica: It’s very exciting to see how all the work the plus models have done before today have paved the way for this to finally happen! Do I wish it had happened 10 years ago? Yes, of course! It’s not like plus size women didn’t exist before the end of last year, haha! Still it’s great that it’s happening, let’s take it and run with it… if the media needs something to talk about, let’s give it to them and make it stick this time. Getting the word out is much easier today with the Internet and social networking sites, and it’s hard to deny the industry now!

Maddy: Take us back to the very beginning. Did you always dream of becoming a model?

Jessica: I said it a time or two when I was a little girl, but sports took over that dream as I grew up. I actually played basketball in college and wanted to be a physical therapist. I had no idea at that point that, one day, I would be worried about whether my teeth were white enough or if I was “lingerie ready” for my job!

Maddy: Every model has a funny story they can still remember from their early years as a model. Do you have any?

Jessica: I really can’t tell any of the good ones since I’m still a working model and so are the girls who would be involved in those crazy stories! But I do remember when I first started how someone told me I had to have a “model’s bag” that contained everything I needed for a shoot (portfolio, shoes, makeup, undergarments, cutlets, hair tools, etc.), but what they failed to tell me is that I didn’t need to carry this 50lb. bag around with me on a daily basis to castings! So I must have been the most prepared model ever at every casting I went to for the first month until I just couldn’t do it anymore.

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