Tyra Banks Writes Open Letter In Regards To Weight Debate

The opinions on the “Vogue Pact” vary from those that say this is a turning point in fashion history, to those that say this will not change a thing. The Daily Beast recently published a letter from Tyra Banks in “support” of the ban on underweight models or models who look like they may have an eating disorder. I have my own opinions about this, but I’ll speak about Tyra’s response for now.

Tyra openly says she watched young girls who abused their bodies get booked over and over, and that her decision to stay curvy was what eventually made her a supermodel. She also mentions mentoring models who are hungry, but limit their intake because they want to continue to work in the industry. Tyra who seems in full support of the new Vogue Pact, talks about the sample size as if it’s a cardinal rule and cannot be changed. It can be changed, anything can be changed but the issue is, will the designers listen to these mandates? Editors can ask but will the designers and brands listen and change their ways?

The pressure has to be massive in order for people to make change. I want to believe Tyra but we have not seen ONE plus size cycle on America’s Next Top Model yet. If you want to see change let’s stop with the Fiercely Real stuff and get down to real business.