What is Testing and Do I Need Photos as an Aspiring Plus Model?

What is Testing and Do I Need Photos as an Aspiring Plus Model?

Absolutely! Photos are your resume and this is how prospective clients will decide on working with you.

First of all, testing is when a model hires a reputable photographer to shoot photos for her portfolio.

What else to consider when testing? If you are serious about a plus modeling career, we advise that you hire a professional makeup artist, hair stylist and fashion stylist for your shoot. These professionals can know their craft and how to make you look your best, or achieve a certain ‘look’. They also ‘see’ what you cannot as they are on the other side of the camera.

Please, do not assume your best friend can do your hair, makeup and dress you for a photo shoot. Professionals know what the proper makeup, hair and wardrobe is for a shoot.

Finally, to help these professionals shoot and style you appropriately, you should have pictures of the types of ‘looks’ you are going for in your photos that you can share with them… check out previous issues of PLUS Model Magazine for inspiration!


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