An Exclusive Gym for Plus Size Women, Is it Needed?

I read this interesting article about a gym specifically catering to plus size women in Canada. The article states, “Founder and CEO of Body Exchange Louise Green says she considers her gym  a “safe haven” for overweight clients.”

As a plus size woman I completely understand what it’s like at the gym, but I don’t know that I subscribe to the idea of having our own exclusive gym.

Part of me feels like a “safe haven” is a good idea for women who feel like they need a safe place to work out, but I still feel like the majority of plus size women walk into the gym, mall or  work with confidence about who they are and it’s not based on what other people think.

I do realize my views may be a little skewed since I work in the plus size industry and find myself in the company  of confident plus size women, but am I wrong? Would you rather work out with other plus size women only?

I would love to know your thoughts.

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