Aspiring Plus Size Models – Facial Expressions

Aspiring Plus Size Models – Facial Expressions… I was recently asked by an agent about how I choose models for cover, editorials, etc. A lot goes into the decision making process, but I can tell you that one of the main things I’m looking for is how the model connects with the camera. This is one of the primary things I’m looking for when choosing models for PLUS Model Magazine.

You can be the prettiest girl, and signed with an agency but if your eyes are dead – your pictures are useless. Facial expressions and practicing how to use your face and your eyes in particular to connect with the camera is paramount.

The muscles around eyes can be manipulated, did you know that? Raise your brows up and down for me. See, that was using your muscles! The key to making sure that you are using your eyes as well as the rest of your body when you are modeling is “FEELING”. You have to FEEL an emotion and let it speak through your body from head to toe, but mainly through your facial expression.

You should begin a daily routine of practicing facial expressions in the mirror. You should be able to express happiness, anger, surprise, shyness, excitement, boredom and sadness.  Have someone take snapshots of you when you are ready and critique them, put them next to photos of models on the internet and see if the look is similar. You must practice! When you are hired for a job, this is not the time to practice. The client expects you to know how to model and need limited input.

Another great way to practice emotion is by taking an acting class. Acting classes are great because the assignments or workshops involved help to get you in touch with your emotions. Modeling is very much like acting without the script.

If this is a career you are seriously pursuing, you must practice and test often in order to be ready for your big break.

Here are some samples of facial expressions aspiring or new models should be practicing.