Plus Size Model Danielle Jackson Brings Some Love To Tobago Fashion Weekend 2012

Plus size model Danielle Jackson traveled to Tobago for Tobago Fashion Weekend for two reasons, to model for the plus size line Ink Ideas designed by Tobagonian Stacey Herbert and she was contracted out by the FIDC (Fashion Industry Development Committee) as well as the DUC (Designers United Stores) to consult.  Danielle utilized her experience in fashion merchandising to consult designers as well as committee members via a master class on business acumen within the fashion industry.
Danielle was kind enough to give us the scoop about her time in Tobago.
Can you tell us a little about your experience?
“It was a pleasure working with Tobago Fashion Weekend 2012 for their second showing.  The Caribbean has so many creative designers and talent within the retail industry.  The industry is quickly burgeoning and I see Trinidad & Tobago as becoming the epicenter of fashion within the Caribbean.”
How do you see the plus size industry in Tobago?
“The Caribbean has the potential to be the trendsetters in resort wear and serve as a source of inspiration with the dynamic backgrounds, island lifestyle, and vibrant culture.”
How special was it for you to walk for Tobago Fashion Weekend.
“I enjoyed opening for Stacy Herbert of Ink Ideas – I had the opportunity to represent Tobagonian plus size resort fashion as well as be a part of the first plus size line ever represented at Tobago Fashion Weekend.”
Can you offer any advice to aspiring models in Tobago?
“Modeling is a business — you are in the business of selling a product for your client.  Always remain professional: be on time, be polite, and arrive ready to deliver what the client needs.”
“Practice your runway walk — you perform how you practice.”
“Have confidence in yourself – walk tall, walk strong.”
“Invest in test shots – your portfolio is your resume — it represents who you are.”
What advice do you have for up and coming designers in Tobago?
“My advice for upcoming designers is to stay true to their uniqueness and focus on the market they are trying to serve.  Know the retail industry and have a strong business acumen.”
“Realize that while fashion is fun and entertaining, it is a business – treat it as such.”
“Garner as much online presence as possible – the internet and social media space allows people to connect quickly and broadens your reach.”
Many thanks to plus size model Danielle Jackson for sharing her experience with us.