Olympics Inspire Plus Size Pictorial – Plus Size Swim Issue

The Swim Supplement is always a very special edition  of PLUS Model Magazine. We feature photographers and allow them to submit pictorials of how they see plus size swim. In this issue we are featuring four amazing artist who chose very different stories to tell.

Photographers include Luke Jones (, Michael Anthony Hermogeno (, Krista Svalbonas ( and Vanessa Velez (

As the 2012 Olympics come near, photographer Luke Jones took to the idea of one of his favorite sports – swimming. In the stunning cover and pictorial Luke is not shy about showing the models size. IPM Models Laura Johnson is a swimmer and a plus size fit model. Fit models are used by all designers and are a very important part of the clothing making process.

Was he concerned about showing a visibly plus size girl in an Olympic inspired pictorial? Luke Jones says, “She’s a swimmer in real life and maybe she is not swimming 4 – 6 hours a day like they do for the Olympics, but to me, she represents many women who are plus size and are swimmers.”

As we sat on set with Laura, we listened to her very detailed schedule which keeps her “fit” and healthy. Her eating habits, work out schedule and maintaining her measurements are all at the top of the list. At a true size 18, Laura is a very successful fit model and works with major brands all over the country. While most of society would see her as “overweight”, Laura is paid to be her true self.

Congratulations to everyone involved with this issue.

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Behind the scene photos of shoot: