Tips For Aspiring Plus Size Models – Do You Know What Questions To Ask When Setting Up A Photo Shoot?

If you are ready to shoot for your portfolio for the first time, there are certain questions you should ask the photographer before committing to your shoot.

When choosing a photographer, look for someone that has experience shooting plus size models. Do they have a website? Do they shoot portfolio pictures? Are the images on par with what you see in working models portfolio?

Once you have chosen the photographer here are some questions you should ask:

1) What is included in your rate? Is hair, makeup and styling included?

2) Do I receive all of my photos on disk or gallery?

3) Can I shoot indoors and outdoors?

4) Do you shoot film or digital?

5) Does the fee include any retouched photos? How much per picture if you do not include in the fee?

6) If I bring another model with me to shoot on the same day, will you give us a price break?

7) Will we be shooting in a studio?

8) Do I need to give you a deposit? How is the balance paid and how is the crew paid? (Cash, check, paypal, etc)

9) If the shoot is outdoors, where will we be doing hair and makeup?

10) If you are driving in, is there free parking in the area?

11) How long until I receive my pictures or link to gallery?

12) Do I own the photography rights to my images?


Once you have the answers to these questions you will know how to proceed with your photo shoot.

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Black and white Image courtesy of Dorothy Combs Models – Ashleigh Foster