America’s Next Top Model Seymone Joins l.a. models Plus Size Division

Seymone Cohen-Fobish was last scene as one of the plus size contestants on cycle 18 of America’s Next Top Model. She was one of two plus size models in that season, but was eliminated after Tyra revealed the judges felt that she was not trying hard enough in her shoots and challenges. Seymone told Reality TV World “I most definitely tried really hard to be there and I tried in all my photo shoots. I think mostly what she was referring to was the castings and to be honest, I was upset at the castings because the castings weren’t even for me.

I really didn’t see a point in me going if they weren’t going to have me cast for anything, like that makes no sense at all, you know? Why send me to a casting when they won’t even bring my size in clothes for me to try on and actually audition. I just don’t understand why they’d do that, and then not only was it once, but it was twice.

And so, I was upset, and the girls didn’t understand. They didn’t know why I was upset, but nobody asked me. And so all they did was assume, “Oh she’s upset because she didn’t get a booking.” No, I was upset because I didn’t get to audition at all.

We could absolutely understand her frustration as it hardly seems fair for a model to have to attend castings where she already walked in knowing she would not win.

It’s great to see Seymone on the l.a. models board next to names like Toccara Jones. Take a look at some of our favorite photos of the size 12/14 model.

Seymone on America’s Next Top Model: