Behind Navabi’s “Finally” Campaign

Today’s society is so busy that it takes something extraordinary for people to take notice. The “Finally” campaign from Navabi has done just that. It is shocking, exciting and has everyone talking. A beautiful plus size model walking the streets of Berlin, nearly nude during Berlin Fashion Week, this was cause to stop.

We caught up with model Mariesther Venegas and one of Navabi’s CEOs Zahir Dehnadi regarding the decision to put this campaign together.

From the model’s perspective:

Maddy: Let’s talk about the “Finally” Navabi campaign. Can you tell us about the idea and what you thought about it when you were approached?

Mariesther: I thought it was an amazing concept! Letting women know that no matter what you are wearing (or not wearing) you are still sexy, confident and beautiful!

Maddy: Everyone wants to know, were you nude for this campaign?

Mariesther: Almost, it was really hot that day. I think I should have just taken everything off, besides who likes tan lines anyways? (laughs)

Maddy: What was it like to walk in the streets of Berlin nearly nude? What were people’s reactions?

Mariesther: It was amazing actually, very liberating and carefree. People’s reactions were positive and kept me going throughout the day. They were cheering, taking pictures (of me and with me) and admiring my body.

Maddy: Plus size models are paid to sell concepts and clothing. What do you hope this campaign will help to change?

Mariesther: Hoping more designers will start providing more fashionable clothing and catering to curvy women, not only giving women more confidence in themselves, but helping them feel comfortable and sexy in their own skin.

Maddy: What is your advice for women who still do not feel comfortable in their own skin?

Mariesther: Accept your body, own it, love it and to never worry about what other people are thinking or have to say. Confidence is key!

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