Actress Kendra C. Johnson Produces Breast Cancer Awareness Video

Actress and PLUS Model Magazine Empowerment editor joined forces with R&B recording artist Aaron DePonce to put an empowering Breast Cancer Awareness video. Below Kendra speaks about the video and working on this very emotional project.

Watch the video here

Dream Big with Kendra C. Johnson


Happy October BEAUTIES!

The most amazing people I know in this world are “do-ers”. Individuals who have taken the idea of empowerment – empowering themselves, their communities and our world – very personally. They have allowed their actions to speak for them and have shaped their own journeys based on those ideals. By committing to first empowering themselves, they have in turn, made an invaluable impact on countless lives.

I would like to share with you a bit about a woman I know, who embodies these characteristics and is living a life that is the change she would like to see in this world. I admire her in many ways and am excited to have the platform to give you a quick snapshot of her story.

Cavell R. Dudley, a two time Breast Cancer Survivor, is owner and proprietor of “CaVELL’S Specialty Boutique” in Snellville, GA. In the midst of an exhausting, overwhelming and at times terrifying journey, Cavell found the faith, courage and compassion to create a vehicle where she could be of service to others. Cavell believes, “…that every woman deserves to be loved and treated with dignity and care when it comes to her elevation above the impressions that cancer can try to place on us.” With that in mind, she chose to design, not just a place, but an experience that makes a difference in how Breast Cancer Survivors feel about their outward appearance.

CaVELL’S clientele enjoy a personal touch that helps them feel good inside and out. From professional fittings for breast prosthetics, mastectomy bras, compression garments and wigs, to a full range of post-surgical supplies, intimate apparel, accessories and more. I have had the opportunity to speak with numerous Survivors whose lives have been touched by the boutique, but more importantly by Cavell herself.  They all agree the CaVELL’S experience is quite unique! They have each felt the literal meaning of the boutique’s tag line: “Embracing Life. Embracing You.”

Earlier this year, R&B recording artist Aaron DePonce and I (in conjunction with Frameworx Media Group, LLC) embarked on our own journey with Cavell and her Sisterhood of Survivors. Together we created a project that promotes Breast Cancer Awareness and exemplifies the vision and mission of CaVELL’S Specialty Boutique. Proceeds from our project will go to providing necessary services to uninsured and underserved breast cancer patients. Please take a moment to check out our work with this EMPOWERED DIVA:

My desire is to highlight AMAZING women, like Cavell, as often as possible. If you know an EMPOWERED DIVA, or if YOU are that DIVA, I want to hear from you (!

Until next time – BE OUTSTANDING, Embrace LIFE, Embrace YOU and keep DREAMING BIG!

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