Do Not Call Christina Hendricks Full-Figured

Christina Hendricks is absolutely stunning and has been an inspiration to full-figured and plus size women everywhere, but does she see herself in that way?

In a recent interview with an Australian fashion editor, Christina Hendricks was asked about being an inspiration to “full-figured” women. The editor did not call her full-figured, but simply used the term when asked about being an inspiration. Christina stopped the interview and tried laughing it off and when the editor tried to ask the same question in another way, she stopped the interview again because the term was used again.

After the interview Christina Hendricks said that “calling her full figured was rude.” Someone is very touchy about her curves because the editor did not call her “full-figured”, in addition you could be called a lot worse things than FULL FIGURED. Why is plus size or full figured such a derogatory term?

I do believe that people in general do not want to called anything they are not, but to make such a big deal about this makes me think Christina Hendricks is not someone the full-figured woman should be inspired by.

What are your thoughts?

Watch the interview below.


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