Plus Size Auction is the new site for curvy women to sell new and gently used clothing.

Are you tired of your plus size clothing and accessory auctions getting lost on ebay? Plus Size Auction is the new place for you to give your unwanted items a new home.

We caught up with Jennene Biggins for more information:

How is Plus Size Auction different than other sites like eBay? 

EBay is the “grandfather” of websites but unfortunately it has everything for everybody.  Many times auction items are never seen by potential buyers on EBay because of the thousands of auction items available for any product. The Plus Size website allows plus size women (and men) to search for items specifically designed for the curvy consumer .

Is there a fee to join Plus Size Auction?

Plus Size will not charge any insertion fees until June 2013, therefore potential sellers can post items at no cost.  However, if they want to enhance the listing with a gallery, featured, bold or highlighted option, they will be charged a nominal fee.  If the seller’s item does not sell the seller is not charged. 

 Do I have to have a PayPal account to purchase or sell items?

Each seller and buyer must have a PayPal account to buy or sell items. 

Is it free to sell items or must I be member? You do not have to be a member to sell items. 

The seller just needs to complete a seller registration and they can post items immediately after verifying their registration.

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