Going Gaa Gaa for Goo Goo Atkins!

In May 2012 PLUS Model Magazine had the pleasure of introducing Thomasina “Goo Goo” Atkins to our readers.  Fast forward to January 2013 and our sassy, sensational, curvy diva has taken the world of reality television by storm.  Do not get it twisted, Goo Goo might be the little sister of gospel superstar duo Mary Mary but she is certainly paving a path of her own.  More confident and positive than ever, Goo Goo is definitely not a woman who is afraid to call it as she sees it.   Allowing PLUS Model Magazine readers a peak into her personal life, you will surely understand why everyone is going Gaa Gaa for Goo Goo!

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Tia:  A lot has changed since I last spoke with you!  Did you think this time last year your life would have changed so much, so quickly?  How are you dealing with being a reality star/ celebrity?

Goo Goo: I absolutely did not think it would be like this.  I have watched my sisters, Erica and Tina become celebrities and I do not quite consider myself a celebrity yet, but I know my popularity is growing. I have to adjust in a lot of different ways and there is a lot of good with bad.  I have received some negative feedback; but I was aware that was going to come with the territory.  I am taking it all in stride.

Tia:  You have always been very outspoken, but in this season, it seems as though you are really not holding back, especially not with Mitch (Mary Mary’s manager). How are you able to deal with Mitch and still be professional?

Goo Goo: It is okay to get frustrated, it is a natural reaction people have. By no stretch of the imagination am I saying I act perfectly or even in the best way, but I will not lose myself and become another person; I am going to always stay Goo Goo.

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Tia: What is the underlining problem between you and Mitch?

Goo Goo:  Mitch used to work, well he says, he used to work in the fashion industry.  From what I understand he used to place models with agencies.   And just because he used to place models with agencies, does not mean he knows fashion.  Sometimes people may have a sense of fashion for themselves, but they may not know what works for others.  His suggestions sometimes are a bit mature for me.  For one that is not my “steelo” and that is not Mary Mary’s either. He does not have a background in fashion; he has a background in body types.

Tia:  Off Camera, what was your reaction to him asking for your check?

Goo Goo:  You know how sometimes you say “shut the front door” but the front door has already been shut.  You say it just to prove how flabbergasted you are.  I hope he was saying that as a figure of speech.  Because if he really thought he was really gonna get my check he has a serious problem; much more serious than what it looks.

Tia: Enough about Mitch! (Laughs)  Give your fans a typical rundown of your day.  How hectic is your day?

Goo Goo:  It is not even humanly possible for me to give you a rundown of my day.  I do not even know if I have ever had one situation happen twice.  It is new day every single day.  You know, it is like yesterday the dress did not show up, and today she gained five pounds, yesterday she lost 15 pounds so it is something new every day.

Tia:  There was controversy surrounding the shirtless men at your sister’s bachelorette party. Share with us your thoughts on the controversy.



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