Season 3 Biggest Loser finalist, Kai Hibbard Opens Up – Subhuman Treatment On The Show

KaiHibbardI have to admit I am not a fan of The Biggest Loser; the commercials turn my stomach. Why? I don’t understand how screaming and being put down paired with extreme workouts to overcome a challenged relationship with your body could produce long term results for everyone in the program. I also feel that what they put the people through is unsafe.

Season 3 Biggest Loser finalist, Kai Hibbard and body image coach/author Golda Poretsky speak openly about the weight loss reality show in a 3 part interview on the  www.bodylovewellness.com website.

Kai is candid with Golda about working out injured, being beat up and being locked up.  She also speaks about Caroline Rhea’s reaction to the blown up “before” pictures located throughout the ranch, not having access to the dietician and her personal struggles with losing her menstrual period, not sleeping and her hair falling out.

I know many people, and some in the plus-size industry, that watch and love the show. I hope you read this three part interview so you can see that people are suffering for your entertainment.

To read Kai Hibbard’s interview visit www.bodylovewellness.com or click HERE.


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