One on One With Plus Model Anita Marshall

doublecover_march2013Her smile is infectious and her curves are giving everyone something to talk about. She is the face you are seeing everywhere from Nordstrom and Macy’s to Monif C and Ashley Stewart. Our cover model Anita Marshall reveals her journey to the modeling industry in this in-depth interview.

Maddy: How did you go from this beautiful girl on Tumblr to a Dorothy Combs Model?

Anita: I always wanted to be a model but my weight got in the way. I was about 300 pounds and the feedback was always, you are too big to model. I tried out for America’s Next Top Model and they told me to my face I was TOO big. I decided to lose the weight and eat healthier and the weight began to come off. I was going to give up, but this lady I worked with asked me not to give up and try it one more time. I did some research and sent my photos into Dorothy Combs Models and a month later I received a call from Dorothy and I was signed a few weeks later.

Maddy: What was your first job as a professional model? Looking back to that first experience what if anything did you learn from it?

Anita: My first job was Macy’s and having worked in retail before and having to deal with many personalities I believe I was prepared to deal with being in new places with new people. I went in and was not stand off-ish but I was very cautious of what I said and to whom. My advice to new models is be yourself but do not put all your business out there.

Maddy: You are one of the curvier models that is working out there. How do you feel about that?

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