Plus Modeling 101 – Being Prepared On Set

lauren_plusmodelsmlEach month PLUS Model Magazine brings information to aspiring models who are interested in pursuing the business of modeling.

In the March 2013 Issue of PLUS Model Magazine, Editor Madeline Jones speaks about choosing a photographer for your first test, what questions to ask and how to be prepared.

Are you ready for your first photo shoot?

Now that you have been practicing for some time and are ready to “test” with a photographer here are some tips that will make your experience a beneficial one.

What type of pictures should you have in your portfolio?

If you are starting from scratch you need some basics.

A great head shot.

A dress.

Pants – Denim Jeans.

And a lingerie/bathing suit shot.

Portfolio images are not “editorial” images. They are simple, minimal jewelry and basic makeup. No bright eye shadows or lipsticks.

If this is your second or third shoot, you can shoot edgier and more editorial type images.  This should be done with a wardrobe stylist so your shoot is not a big waste of time.  Also remember you will have to bring a different energy to those images in order for the photo to make sense.


If you look for cheap, that is what you will get.

Look for a photographer that shoots plus size models and has experience in shooting “portfolio” images.

If you are unsure, look at the Facebook pages of the models that are working.

Who are they testing with?

Before you commit to a photographers ask these questions: 

Read this list and the entire article in the March 2013 Issue of PLUS Model Magazine

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