Up Close And Personal With Plus Model Connie Beatriz

IMG_0943smallName: Connie Beatriz

Agency: Dorothy Combs Models

Describe your style for us: Boho street chic with a classy twist

What is your favorite new trend for spring? Neon!

How long have you been modeling? 3 years and took a break last year to have my baby girl Ximena.

What do you love most about being a model? Meeting creative artsy people who I can build with and representing curvy Latina women. I also love the traveling perks!

You are a new mom! Congratulations!! Has being a mom changed your perspective on life? Motherhood has definitely redefined purpose and focus in my life. I work ten times harder so I can provide the best for my little legacy. I’ve adapted a healthier lifestyle since I’m exclusively breast feeding. No more late nights and parties, however I still indulge in a glass of wine from time to time.


Any advice you can offer to expecting models about juggling work and motherhood? Balancing maternity and work is definitely still a work in progress for me. You need to have a great support system, faith in God and patience. Use your time wisely and adapt a healthy lifestyle. Do mommy and baby yoga to get back in shape and simply try to incorporate your new addition as much as possible in daily activities (jogging stroller, practicing movement in the mirror while they nap, etc). Get plenty of rest while still pregnant because sleep ceases to exist once the baby is born and BREASTFEED! Nursing helps lose the baby weight and prevents cancers and releases endorphins which in turn make you glow and feel better. You will have a less fussy baby so it will bring you peace of mind when you have to go to a shoot and leave the baby with a nanny or baby sitter. Having a baby has opened more doors for me than ever before. My agent, Dorothy signed me at 9 months pregnant!


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