Did you wake up on April 1st and wonder where in the world the first quarter of 2013 went? Did panic set in because you have not accomplished all of the goals you outlined on January 1st for your business?

Well,  join the club:)  As my eyes popped open on April 1st at 3am in the morning (although I just got in bed at 12:30) I realized that my panic was a result of me not following or implementing ideas/tasks that I outlined.  So where do I start now? I then reached on my night stand for a book I was almost finished reading entitled “The Million Dollar Equation” by Richelle Shaw.

I had the pleasure of meeting Richelle in person in January at a conference that we both were participating as featured speakers.  Richelle is a beautiful voluptuous and confident woman and her tenacity to succeed is infectious. I discovered Richelle over 13 years ago when I attended a Dan Kennedy direct marketing conference, a few years after I started the Woman Company, Inc.  Richelle Shaw was the only African American Public Utility owner in the United States..yes I said ONLY:)  Richelle’s company grossed over 36 Million dollars but after 9/11 she lost it all. But through her faith in God and her willingness to “do what it takes”, she rebuilt her company to the million dollar mark in approximately 6 months and continues to increase her revenue stream by helping other businesses do the same.

What I have learned in my business life is not to reinvent the wheel, but learn from other business owners’ mistakes and study their process for overcoming failure.  Failure is the catalyst for success, without it you don’t know what works and what doesn’t. So I am confident that Richelle can help me reach my million dollar level.

The plus size industry is saturated with creative businesses, but I have not met many that have reached the “million dollar level”.  Due to the number of plus size women (and men) in the world who are in need of products and services, there is no reasonable explanation why there are not several million dollar business owners in the plus size industry. So my passion is to help those businesses reach that level.

Over the next few weeks, I will be bringing you the Million Dollar Equation – Plus Size Series.  We will be speaking extensively to Richelle Shaw and she will be sharing her equation for building a million dollar business via her #1 Amazon Best Seller book “The Million Dollar Equation” .

What is the Million Dollar Equation?

(1GS+TM+MC+FU) + (RET+REA+REF) x 85W +3GR

Are you ready to grow your business to the Million Dollar mark? Stay tuned for next week’s post when we break down Richelle’s equation.

However, in the meantime pick up Richelle’s book at Amazon The Million Dollar Equation: How to build a million dollar business in 3 years or less

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